Top 7 Best AP Assassins in League of Legends

Assassins in League of Legends are those Champions that make you crap your pants. If you’re an ADC, squishy support, or any other low defense role/class, Assassins can ruin your life. Whenever you see them approaching, or even in the distance, you know they’re coming for you.

League’s grim reapers come in many different shapes and sizes. We’ve covered the 7 Best Assassins in League of Legends, where we went over the generally best picks. In that list, there was a strong presence of AD Champions, including the number one spot.

But, as is the case with many League of Legends classes, AP Champions are there too.

In this list, we’ll go over the best AP Assassins in the game currently. Their playstyles usually don’t differ too much, but if left unhinged, their damage certainly can be a sight to behold. Though not really if you’re on the receiving end.

So, let us begin with our list.

7. Akali
Akali is a solid Champion to play as, though perhaps not so intuitive. Her kit is fairly straightforward, and you have the mobility to do the classic in-and-out tactic without breaking a sweat.

Her damage, like the rest on the list, is remarkable. She will often take the Conqueror rune, allowing her to heal for days and make your life miserable. You will often meet her on the Top Lane, and while she does excel against most classes, she can struggle against bruisers.

Picking a good tank that can outlast her in fights and trade blows with her is paramount to winning. Keep in mind that Akali does tend to pull out a few tricks from her sleeve and deal damage/heal unexpectedly. She can Lane and will scale strongly into the late game, so beware of her when she picks up an item or two.

6. Ekko

I include Ekko so low on this list because of how boring he is to play with/against. Of course, this is my opinion, so I’m sorry to any Ekko mains out there that might be reading this list. But I digress.

Ekko is a strong mage Assassin that can be pretty difficult to Lane against. He has a nice, though a bit difficult to land, poke, and can close gaps easily with his E. His W is a skill-shot shield and can be a stun if he catches you in the area. The stun seemingly lasts forever, so be advised and stay away from it when you see it.

His R is a nightmare to deal with. He can rewind time and heal back to full if he lands it right. This more or less means you have to kill him twice or that he’ll escape most of the fights he’s in. Apart from that, it also deals a ton of damage in the area he goes back to. Ekko is one of those Champions that really make you have to build up your defenses. Tenacity and MR are core to countering his otherwise strong CC and Damage.

5. Evelynn

She somehow seems to find her way into most of these champion lists. This just proves how versatile, and fun this Champion is (or just how biased I am towards her, whichever suits you best). League’s seductor epitomizes the Assassin role, utilizing invisibility and shadows to achieve her goals.

As I said, Evelynn prowls the darkness of the Rift and strives within it. Until level 6, she will be completely visible to everyone at all times. Level 6 comes by fast, so prepare to be ganked into oblivion. Evelynn is what I like to call – an executor. This means her entire purpose is to finish you off without using too many spells. Yes, she has her W purported for ganks and utility, but her E and R are well enough to do the job most of the time.

The Q is there too when the enemy is running away and providing an easy proc of your W whenever the need arises. The W also amplifies the damage from the abilities that proc it, making it a great tool to amplify your damage in various situations. Be sure to buy those Control Wards if you wish to survive this invisible menace.

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4. Diana

Ever since her kit was shuffled around a bit, Diana has become very fun to play. Though I rarely, if ever, play her, I like seeing her on my team. The opposite is true when she’s part of the enemy roster, and I dread the very moment I started the queue.

Diana can be very difficult to play against, and that’s an understatement. If you’re a melee Champion, especially one that has a poor early game, expect to be tossed around the Lane like you were nothing but a toy. She can keep her distance and deal constant, low cooldown damage with her Q. It’s a great poke and is not easy to dodge once you’re in range.

She can subsequently close the said gap using her E, do severe damage, shield herself with her W, and pull you in and blast you with her Ultimate. Her ability to engage in large groups of enemies and use her amazing kit to CC all of them makes her one of the best team fighters in the game. This is the exact reason why you should consider focusing her down before big fights in the late game.

3. Fizz

This maritime devil makes me hate myself. I usually play Gangplank or Twisted Fate mid, and people just always pick this stupid Champion. It’s infuriating and an instant loss of the Lane, at least early on. That is where Fizz shines. He prevents you from enjoying/functioning during the laning phase.

He can poke, dodge, go in, go out. Everything you can think of, Fizz can do. I know very few ways of fighting against him, so I advise you to pick him rather than opting to go against him. If, by chance, you do meet him, tell your jungler to camp the Lane. Slowing down or stopping Fizz’s rather quick snowball will help you and your time have a greater chance of containing and defeating him.

Watch out for his roams, though, as he can come back as fast as you put him down. A few kills are all it takes to make or break games, so don’t be reluctant to beat him while he’s down.

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Kassadin is secretly one of the most broken champions in League of Legends. He broke the game more times than I could count, and he keeps doing it to this very day. Whenever I play him, I see enemy players going wild in all chat with various messages, pleasant and unpleasant alike.

They have a good reason for this, as Kassadin is one of the most severe cases of snowballing in the history of League of Legends. He doesn’t exactly have the best laning phase or early game. His strength lies in the post 20 minute period, where he likely will have a stacked-up Seraph’s Embrace or at least one mythic item like Luden’s Tempest.

These are his power spikes, and with each item, he just keeps growing. The reduction of his Ultimate’s mana cost from 800 to 640 at max stacks will also help you stay in the fight for a while longer. Mana is your biggest handicap, so going for items with the highest mana efficiency is key to keeping yourself dormant and dominant. I also suggest taking Fleet Footwork to give yourself some healing later on, which you will certainly lack.

1. Katarina

This Champion fails to be anything but the best in her class. She’s simple, easy to pick up and play, and doesn’t have too much about her that’s necessarily complex. Sure, learning some of those wild combos and dashes that would give anyone motion sickness is not easy, but it isn’t exactly rocket science either.

Katarina has a good landing phase that can win against most opponents. However, some on this list can likely beat her in Lane but can never snowball as fast and easy as she does. Snowballing is a reoccurring theme with assassins. Their items are not too expensive, and getting kills is super easy considering their kits were tailored around it.

Katarina is the queen of roams, and she will roam to every part of the map you can think of. Most Katarina players focus on the bottom Lane, especially if it is losing. Strengthening the position of your other lanes while keeping the mid Lane secure and stable will help you limit and stop Katarina’s snowball. Being this map-aware and present is excruciatingly difficult for a jungle player, especially a lower elo one, so give it your best to limit her as much as possible or accept a defeat and move on.

Whether they be AP or AD, Assassins are Riot’s favorite class. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be meta picks for God knows how long now. Hopefully, they die down a little bit, and actually, good roles will come into fruition, but until then, we can only join them and play the best of the best.

Let us know what your favorite Assassins in League of Legends are. Are they AP? Would you include them on this list, and why? We always love to hear from you, so don’t miss out on letting us know what you think.